Importance of Real Testimonials and Reviews

In 2003, an SEO company released their findings about the importance of testimonials to local businesses. The findings stated that 79% of consumers now trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. This means that people are now taking more time to read online reviews and real testimonials when choosing where they want to purchase their goods and services.

Why are they so important? Well, when you want to attract customers the first thing they look at is your site, for example as a dentist, your potential customers have to be convinced that you offer the best quality service than any other dentist in town. Since consumers have a lot of options, they have to be persuaded to use your service and a way to do this is by reading other peoples reviews and comments. By reading about other people’s experiences, positive comments and satisfaction, visitors can trust that your business is the best for them and they will too have a positive experience.

There are a few ways you can increase the amount of patients by using reviews:

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  1. Don’t be scared to ask your patients for reviews– A good way to ask for reviews is by always asking at the end of each appointment if they had a good experience and if they wish to leave a review or comment. Most satisfied patients will be willing to leave their positive reviews and share their experience!
  2. Display them on your website– Use your website as a tool to display your patient’s comments and positive reviews, as we said before, people take into consideration these testimonials as they would a personal recommendation.
  3. Make it easy to leave feedback online/in person– Encourage your patients to visit your website and leave a positive review if they are not able to leave it in person, also posting on your social media accounts also have a big impact. Having simple forms that rate your service and that are not too long are the best way to go.


It is very important that you ask your customers for reviews and testimonials, they are a very powerful tool to attract more customers! It is a free way to market your own product or service based on how other people have experienced it and you would  be surprised how much more efficient it is as a tool to increase conversion.


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