How to prepare your office for National Children’s Dental Health Month in February

How to prepare your office for National Children’s Dental Health Month in February

February is right around the corner, and for dentists that can only mean one thing – National Children’s Dental Health Month is here. This month-long national observance brings together thousands of dental professionals across the country to promote the benefits of proper oral health and provide care to children of all ages.

National Children’s Dental Health Month began as a one-day event in Cleveland, Ohio, in February 1941 and has since grown into an annual nationwide program. The American Dental Association has done its part to extend the observe from just one day to an entire month-long celebration, focusing on teaching children the importance of regular oral care and preventing problems from developing as their teeth continue to develop.

Promoting the Event and Your Practice

Since this is an annual event, it can serve as a great opportunity for dentists to see some PR results. Leveraging National Children’s Dental Health Month to spread the word about your practices’ special offers and services can be an excellent way to increase your profile and get more patients in the door.

Here are some easy ways you and your marketing team can do to publicize your office’s activities during National Children’s Dental Health Month:

1. Press Releases

Create a press release that highlights the national month of observance and how your practice is doing its part to getting involved. Be sure to include why this is newsworthy and what special offers your practice provides in honor of the event.

For those unsure how to draft a press release, please read this HubSpot article complete with tips, examples and templates.

After you’ve crafted the perfect release, take some time to build a media list of the newspapers, radio and television stations in your area. Many local media outlet include directories on their websites that contain names of editors and producers, phone numbers and email addresses.

Send out your press release in personalized emails and be sure to regularly follow-up with these outlets as the month progresses. Remind them that National Children’s Dental Health Month is still in full swing and that you are available to them as a knowledgeable source on the topic.

2. Bulletin Posting

Additionally, consider reaching potential patients directly by sharing information with them through other means, such a local announcements and bulletins. Depending on the where you live, there is also a multitude of free community newspapers and bulletin boards that are happy to feature community events and news. Some examples include:

  • Chamber of Commerce newsletters
  • Community patch
  • Library bulletin boards
  • Church bulletins

3. Decorate Your Office

This year’s NCDHM campaign slogan, “Choose Tap Water for a Sparkling Smile.” You can decorate your office by downloading or ordering the posters from the ADA which are available in English and Spanish. You can also print out fun activity sheets for kids so they can be entertained before/during their visits.

4. Digital Marketing

Launching a Facebook or Google AdWords campaign can also help spread the word about the event and your practice’s offerings. If you are looking to include digital advertising as a part of your marketing mix, consider outsourcing your unique needs to a company equipped to handle it. At Conversion Whale, we understand how to reach potential patients online and get them to walk in the door.

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