Copy-writing Tips for Conversion Optimized Websites


With marketing it is very important to allow the customers to know about the quality and most importantly the benefits that you are offering with your products and services. There are many companies that market their products and services by being very technical and wanting the customer to understand the exiting technology and intricate parts of the product. The reality is that most customers don’t understand or simply don’t care about all these details. What they want to know is how it would benefit them and why they should buy it.

An example of a company using this smart way of marketing is Apple, when the IPod first came out, the way it was marketed was by saying you could have 1,000 of your favorite songs in your back pocket by purchasing the iPod. This is more attractive and convincing than telling the customer that the iPod stores 1GB of data. Although, it might seem a great way to advertise the product, saying that you can have thousands of your favorite music in one device is a much better way to convert people into paying customers.

Another example is explaining the technology that your brand new mattress has, all the intricate little pieces and picture charts showing this, when all that a customer wants to hear is that it offers the best sleep and rest that your customers will ever have. Therefore, it is very important to focus more on what benefits the customer rather than “showing off” the complexity of the product and service

It is very important too to have a good product description which is what is going to sell your product or service. Here are a few tips on writing descriptions that will attract more customers:

  1. The descriptions you use for your service and product should mirror the way you would speak to a customer if you were selling face to face. Try to be more personal and address each description as if you were talking to your ideal buyer, use the same language and translate it into your site’s descriptions.
  2. Since we are so involved in our company and products and services we become very passionate and want to translate that to our customers who might not be as interested in the tiny bitty details and every single feature, all they want to know is how it BENEFITS them – highlight the benefits and avoid getting too technical.
  3. Since you are advertising your products and services online, customers can’t hold or experience what you have to offer – use clear pictures and videos in your site and let them imagine what it would be like to own the product or service you have to offer, make them want it now!

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