How To Convert More Traffic To Customers? Using Urgency The Clever Way!

It must be a good thing if there is a good amount of traffic on your site right? This may seem great, but you also have to take into account how many of those visits actually convert from web traffic to customers. This can become a big challenge for some businesses as they might have really good content on their sites but they haven’t created enough urgency to make the visitors take the next step and become paying customers.

A great way to convert traffic to leads or customers is to use urgency; but the clever way.

There are many ways that your business can use urgency on websites to get the results you are looking for! First of all, one of the main aspects of converting traffic into paying customers is understanding consumer behavior. Once you understand how your customers thinks and how their mind works, you will notice there are some ways your business can motivate visitors to take that next step. Something as simple as having the word “Sale” in red. The most urgent and important driving signs are often the color red, make them stand out!

The main concept you should keep in mind is Scarcity, the goal is to convince visitors that they need your service or product right NOW before the supplies or services run out. This creates a fear that the customer will miss out on the opportunity and it is very effective.

Many successful businesses use urgency in very clever ways, Ebay and Amazon are prime examples of this concept of scarcity and creating urgency. A common factor that motivates consumers is when they see that there is a “limited supply” or a “limited time” for them to purchase a good or service. This simple concept can be applied in a number of ways, these two companies use “buy now”, “only 2 left”, or timed auctions for example, to coerce customers into making a purchase decision straight away.

You have to be careful when using urgency for conversion. You don’t want to annoy customers, there’s a clever and subtle way to do it. Have you’ve ever played a time sensitive game? We are all familiar with the effect of a ticking clock. Having a limited amount of time to do something forces us to take action. Hautelook, Groupon, Expedia, and TicketMaster all use this technique to drive up their conversions. When offering promotions or online coupons, make sure to put a deadline or expiration date so people feel the urgency to take advantage of the offer.

Visitors tend to procrastinate and browse on sites knowing that there will be other chances and other days to purchase anything, create urgency and let them know you offer the best quality products and services that they would benefit from now!

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