Boost Your New Patient Conversion Rates: Must Read!

Boost Your New Patient Conversion Rates: Must Read!

We’ve already discussed the many ways negative reviews can poorly affect your office’s reputation and success. Conversely, positive reviews about your practice can show advantageous results. Positive feedback circulating around can allow for increased relationships with your existing patients, a boost in the number of new patients coming in the door.

The Power of Positivity

Today, reviews are just vital to a practices’ success as their marketing and advertising campaigns. According to Nielsen, 82 percent of consumers check review sites before purchasing a product or engaging in a service. Whether this feedback is positive or negative, it’s likely customers will look at your reviews before making an appointment.

It’s never good to focus on the negative, so let’s take a look at what positive reviews can do for your business. Consumers are likely to spend 31 percent more on businesses with excellent reviews, and a whopping 92 percent will use a local business if it has at least a four-star rating. So, how can you up your office’s reviews to bring in more business?

Platforms for Reviews

Many prospective patients check websites like Yelp, Google My Business, and other review sites upon visiting a doctor for the first time. Take the time to research other review sites and see if you’re listed. Find out what people are saying about you, and what changes you can make. Then, start reaching out to your satisfied patients and ask them to share their experience.

These reviews can help spread positive feedback about your practice and entice prospective patients to call in. Once new patients begin to trickle in, treat them like you would any customer, with respect and the highest standards of service and watch the positive reviews continue to increase.

Patients are now also turning to social media for practice reviews. To get positive feedback on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you first must establish a presence and following on these sites. Post often to show that you are involved in your community and that you care about relations with your patients. Also, use social media to spread the word about any discounts or specials you’re currently offering. Once you get new patients in the door, ask them to use these platforms to talk about the experience they had.

How Positive Reviews Can Reshape Your Practice

It’s always pleasing to see nice things being said about your office. After you put in the hard work and provide people with a quality experience, it’s nice to be recognized, and it’s great for your business. Positive reviews can result in a better office culture and a more personal relationship with your patients. Remember to always provide everyone with the kind of experience that they want to share with everyone.

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