Alert: Your Patients May Be Falling Through the Cracks

Alert: Your Patients May Be Falling Through the Cracks

The ultimate goal of dental marketing is to increase the number of patients in your chair. So, if you’re investing your money, time and effort on getting patients to call your office, it’s imperative that your staff be able to get them in the door. If you find that your practice is receiving an abundance of calls, but isn’t scheduling new patients, it may be because your receptionists are letting them slip through the cracks.

In fact, according to Patient News, up to 50 percent of all new patients are lost at the front desk. Those lost patient conversions are costing you a lot of potential income and represent a waste of your marketing dollars.

Providing your Phone Staff with Proper Training

Perhaps the reason your phone staff isn’t converting patients is because they aren’t equipped with all the knowledge they need. Improve your telephone conversion rate by providing your staff with the right tools to answer any and all questions prospective callers might have.

Give newer employees a training packet that contains all your office’s policies and procedures along with:

  • Your practice’s mission statement
  • A comprehensive list of service offerings
  • An updated list of your credentials and certifications

Have your employee’s review this information and commit it to memory, so they can confidently answer questions related to these items if they arise during calls.  

Train Your Staff to Listen

It can be easy for your staff to fall into a salesperson mentality, but the truth is they are there to help guide patients, not hard sell them on procedures. Instead of teaching your staff to push specials or services, tell them to listen to a patients’ needs and offer help. Patients should never feel as if they are being pressured because odds are they are not excited to be going to the dentist in the first place. Therefore, the conversation should always be steered around the patient’s needs and how your services can aid them.

Work Through Lunch

Most people use their lunch hour to make personal appointments. If you don’t have someone manning the desk at that time, those calls will go straight to voicemail– or more commonly, the will just hang up out of disappointment. To get the most out of these lunchtime calls, be sure someone is always there to answer the phone from 12:00 – 2:00 pm. The more convenient the process is for the patent, the more likely they will make the initial visit and keep coming back.

Marketing Increases Your Calls

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About Conversion Whale

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