“Above the Fold” – What does it mean and how can it help your site?

When designing your landing page, have in mind that the main purpose is to make the user browse through the site and not stop at what is above the fold. First impressions are very important, and it will determine whether the visitor stays on the page or goes. 

You have to think carefully when designing your landing page as it has to grab the attention of the visitor and create a good impression, in order to make them scroll down and browse your page.


Some tips on how you can improve the design of your site are:

  • Keep “above the fold” uncluttered on your landing page, avoid too many graphics and text. It can become very distracting and most users won’t bother reading long text.
  • Tell the reader what to do next! Persuade the reader to “click here”, “read more”, “book now”, “scroll down”, “subscribe”. Tell them what you are about and give them the information they need such as contact information, or incentives such as offers.
  • Include logos, reviews, pictures and videos that relate to the context of the page.
  • Make the user have a good experience browsing your site and allow them to share the content through social media.


It takes the average user from 3 to 5 seconds to decide whether to continue browsing your page, or to close it. Therefore a good impression is very Important!

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